REgister as a recreational player

Volleyball Alberta/Volleyball Canada Player

All player's wanting to attend our pre-tryout and/or tryout's are required to be registered as a Volleyball Alberta/Volleyball Canada recreational player; this is a $10.25 fee.  


How to register as a Volleyball Alberta/ Volleyball Canada Player 

*this must be complete in order to participate in the NBCVC’s pre-tryouts and/or tryouts*

Click on the icon to the right to be brought to the website; or visit:

Click on “Membership” (top icon on left column of page)

Click on “2020 Youth Player Registration” 

Step One: Personal information.

For returning players: Select “yes” when asked “are you a returning player?”

You will need to enter your child’s access code. If you have forgotten it, click on “what’s my access code” (small print under the blank box). You will be asked a few questions, and they will email you the code. If you do not have access to the email address you originally signed up with, please contact Volleyball Alberta.

For new players: Select “no” when asked “are you a returning player?”; you will then be prompted to fill in your personal information.

Note: Our association is: Region 8 - Peace Country; leave the “team code” field blank.

Step Two: Programs & Products

Select: 2020 Recreational Player fee

Step Three: Consent

By typing your name, you consent to Volleyball Alberta’s policies and conditions. To review these policies and conditions, they are found under the heading Waiver; there is a link to click “under the Age of Majority”. 

Step Four: Payment

Click on the Paypal link (even if you don’t have a Paypal account.) 

If you do not have a Paypal account, there is a link that says “Pay with a credit or VISA debit card”.

A copy of your receipt will be emailed to you; please email our registrar: a copy as well.  

Before your child can enter the gym for pre-tryouts and/or tryouts, we must have a copy of proof of registration.

Hitting Warm Up Protocol

Please click on the link below to watch Volleyball Alberta's approved hitting  warm up protocol; player's who attend Volleyball Alberta tournaments must follow this protocol.

Scorekeeping tutorial

Please click on the link below for a scorekeeping tutorial. 

Rule of Two

"The Rule of Two is any one-on-one interaction between a Person In Authority (PIA) and an individual athlete must take place within earshot and view of a second PIA. If possible one of the PIAs should be the same gender as the athlete. If a PIA is not available, another screened volunteer, parent or adult can be recruited. An exception is made for medical emergencies."  (retrieved from: Volleyball Alberta's October Announcements, Coaches Corner)

24 hour rule

NBCVC is implementing the 24-Hour Rule this year.


If a player, parent or coach has a concern, they must wait 24 hours prior to contacting the appropriate party for discussion.

The 24-Hour Rule has several purposes:

1. Allows each party involved during an issue to step back and clear the initial emotional elements.

2. Provides a clear and concise process for problem resolution

3. Provides a clear understanding of what is expected for all parties involved

4. Promotes direct communication

5. Provides an avenue of fairness and opportunity to every parent, player and coach

The 24-Hour Rule:

When an issue occurs and a party has a resulting complaint to make or issue to be resolved, they are asked to wait 24 hours, then put the issue in writing and submit it to the appropriate party. Whether this issue is labelled as coaching error, team mate interference, parent conflict or any other of a number of possible situations, it is very important that all parties involved take the full 24 hours to remove or decrease the emotional element so that the actual issue can be resolved quickly, in a civilized manner, and to everyone’s satisfaction. 

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