Frequently asked questions

What do my registration fees cover?


Your registration fees will cover the cost of tournament registration fees and coach travel costs (fuel/hotel/food). You will need to cover the cost of bringing your player to the tournaments and any expenses associated with that. 

What other fees are there?


A jersey fee; new for this year players will be purchasing their jersey. The club purchased brand new jersey’s last year, and each jersey will be sold at a discounted price of $50. If we require more jersey’s, and your player receives a new one, the cost will be approximately $70.

If you fulfill your volunteer bond (outlined in the Season Guide & Registration Package), your $100 postdated cheque will be destroyed.

Each player will need to sell $200 worth of raffle tickets. As you sell them, you keep the money and your $200 post dated cheque will be deposited May 15th, 2019. If you sell all your tickets, it will not be an expense to you – tickets are $2 each and sell quite easily.

Why do I have to register as a Volleyball Alberta/Volleyball Canada player?


You need to register as a Volleyball Alberta/Volleyball Canada player because our club, NBCVC, is registered under Volleyball Alberta. Your player needs to be registered prior to tryouts; detailed instructions on how to register is outlined on the last page of the Season Guide & Registration Package (found under the "TRYOUTS/REGISTRATION" tab).

What tournaments will my child attend?


The registration fees for U13 & U14 cover attending four regional tournaments (usually two in Grande Prairie, one in Dawson Creek and one in Peace River). If your team would like to attend additional tournaments, a discussion between the coach and parents will need to happen as the parents & players will need to either fundraise money to cover the coaches expenses and registration fee; or if you don’t want to fundraise, then the costs can be split evenly among all members of the team.

The registration fees for U15-U18 cover attending three premiers and provincials. If your team would like to attend regional tournaments, parents will have to fundraise or pay for the registration fee and coaches expenses. 

Can players in the U14 division attend Premiers and Provincials?


Yes you can, but these costs are not covered within your registration fees. As discussed with the previous question, first you will need to discuss with your players coach if they are available to attend these tournaments and if so, your team will need to either fundraise or pay for associated expenses. In addition to the tournament registration fee ($575), and coaches expenses, each player will need to be registered as a competitive player and that is approximately $65 per player.  The deadline to enter the Premier’s is quite early in the year, so this decision will need to be made very soon. 

If I find a sponsor, does that money go towards my child's team, or the entire club?


That is up to you. Sponsorships that the club receives help to keep registration costs as low as possible for all members. If you are wanting to fundraise for a specific team, the sponsorship you receive can go to your players specific team.

How are the teams ranked in different divisions at Premiers/Provincials?


When your team attends Premiers, their performance is ranked into divisions; the amount of divisions depends on how many teams attend the tournaments.

After the first premier, your team will play teams who ranked similar to your team; your team has the ability to move up a division or down a division depending on your ranking at the previous tournament. If you miss a premier, you rank the lowest, and you will be placed in the lowest division for the following tournament (whether it be a premier tournament or the provincial tournament).  

Volleyball Alberta's 2019 Season Planner & Competition Regulations is a great resource and fully explains how ranking is determined.  The link is below.

2019 Season Planner & Competition Regulations