Team BC

If your athlete is interested in trying out for Team BC, please visit Volleyball BC's website (link found below).  

Some tips to register from previous years (note: if changes have been made to their website, these tips may no longer work):

From the main page, select Youth, and from the drop down menu, select Team BC (far right).

This will bring you to a page that outlines all the different opportunities for Team BC teams.  Fort St. John falls under Zone 8.  To register for a tryout, click on the Yellow "Register" tab on the top right of the screen.  

Best of luck to everyone who chooses to try out!

Additional training


Volleyball Camps and Clinics

There are many clinics and camps available to extra training; we will post links when we receive them, but and are great websites to visit to find more information.

Strathcona Volleyball Prep School

Mission Statement:  "To provide student-athletes with an opportunity to fulfill both their academic and athletic goals, through professional coaching, a flexible yet structured schedule and a training environment that prepares them for success" 

Plyometric Drill to improve speed and quickness

Improve footwork with this drill

Better ball handling

Improve ball handling at home