Northern BC Volleyball Club

PO Box 6364, Fort St. John, BC, V1J 4H8

The Executive / Contact Information

Executive Members

President: (Jen)

Vice President: (Joelle)

Technical Director: (Shellie)

*please also cc:  when emailing Technical Director

Registrar: (Elizabeth)

Secretary: (Tana)

Treasurer: (Bonnie)


Club Coordinator: (Michelle)

Fundraising: (Jenna)

Social Media: (Jen) 

Equipment Manager: (Lyndsey)



2020 Team Managers & Coaches listed under team tab

Executive positions


The President is responsible to co-ordinate and conduct the day-to-day business and affairs of Northern British Columbia Volleyball Club within the framework of the Clubs Constitution and By-laws. 

The President is ultimately responsible for the club. This involves running club meetings and ensuring effective management of the Board and its sub-committees. 

In the eyes of the members, the success of the club is the President’s responsibility. As a Club President, one must be prepared to devote a lot of time to the club. The duty of the President is to stimulate the interest and activity of both the Board and members on all occasions. The President is responsible for creating an image and conducting all the affairs of the club in a judicious manner. 

If possible, there should always be a close liaison between the serving President and the immediate Past President. The successor should be appointed from within the Board as he/she will already have a working knowledge of the Board and the club. A Vice-President can be groomed for such a role. 

Vice President/Social Media Coordinator:

To provide assistance to the President, Technical Advisor and members of the Club and shall act as President in his/her absence. 


The social media coordinator will facilitate all information pertaining to club and it’s members on various social outlets: website, facebook, instagram, newspapers, club mail etc.

Technical Director:

 The technical direction will enhance player and coach development throughout all age groups of the Club. He or she is responsible for obtaining, training and supervising all coaches in the Club.


The Registrar will receive and disseminate information effectively and assist the executive in running the Club administration as smoothly as possible.


The secretary will control the club’s administrative procedures.


The treasurer will provide financial information and leadership through the formulation and oversight of proper accounting processes and procedures. The Treasurer will manage NBCVC’s finances, maintain accurate financial records and report to the executive team at regular monthly meetings. 

Club Coordinator:

Formerly known as the Peace Region coordinator; the Club Coordinator will facilitate communication with other clubs and inform the executive/our members of club tournaments; he or she will organize home tournament events. 

Fundraising Coordinator:

The fundraising coordinator will facilitate all events that are part of raising monies for the club, including raffles, gifts in kind, organizing volunteer requirements, etc.

Equipment & Facilities tor:

The equipment and facilities coordinator will facilitate all gym requirements and equipment needs for the club.